Student Perspectives

Finding Balance

By Afton Guedea,
Lakehill Preparatory School, Class of 2016

Balance. The one word that will keep you from drowning during your senior year of high school. I would know.

Going into my senior year, I wanted to make sure that I made every minute count and that I was involved as much as possible. Before the school year began, I sat down with my parents to discuss goals, calendars, and thoughts about the upcoming year. During that conversation, I received a piece of advice that would save me: “Be balanced.”

My parents also told me that as much as I wanted to be involved, I also should enjoy the last moments of high school that I have. I should treasure the memories with my closest friends and instead of being busy all the time, I should give myself time to reflect and enjoy.

Balance isn’t strictly for seniors. All students should try to find balance in their lives. Having time for academics, as well as a time for friends, sports, and other extra-curricular activities is important. And, most importantly, don’t forget to schedule some “down time.” 

Many people just don’t know how to be balanced. Setting a time frame for each of these aspects of your life, planning your week out each Sunday, and having reminders on your phone are just some of the tactics that help me to stay balanced.

Being balanced helps keep stress out and allows for the enjoyment of activities and the chance to make memories.

Afton Guedea





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